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It is believes that the BARAM DAM is designed to generate 1,200 MW of electricity and unfortunately it is also believe that It will flood an area of 38,000 hectare (389 sq km) or 1/2 the land size of the Singapore island.

Therefore, there are more than 25 villages which will be affected, more than 20,000 people. Baram like the Belaga where the Bakun dam is located is the traditional home for the Kenyah, Kayan and Penan.

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Taken from The Star Sarawak edition dated 24 August 2011. The Star Sarawak the voice from the current government. 

This was out in the Borneo Post dated 24 August, 2011. 

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Perfect!!!Please!!!Please!!!Please!!!They make you all look like a fool.Why dont you all move and look for your own place to be?Start it new... Ineu na tusa alek lebu ru ni ke murip na?alek tai lingeu na dite ru tai murip gan dulu.Irap tanak rak tiga,gan empau wan nem murip.peknye so on kerajaan uyai janan gan tai eletrik gan sungai ka a.Buke ire che tei a,tai gebum Dam ti. yam ligeu alek te.


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