Lepo' Tau Dayak
Sarawak (Borneo)

Reaching Out - Donation

I am not a millionaires but I want to go further into helping this tribe. One thing for sure, I am not able to do it alone. 

The current government is not very much into developing or helping the natives. There are countless villages without much basic infrastructures or facilities:-electricity, telecommunication, schools, clean water supply, sewers etc.

Therefore, here's my commitment into helping this tribe:-

1). Providing books for the school.

2). Clothing.

3). Medicines.

I hope with your help (donations) I can at least bring a bit of hope and awareness to the tribe.

Thank you, tiga tawai

Raised: $1000.00 Started: March 9, 2011
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To bring in more books for the school library in Long Moh, Ulu Baram Sarawak. We would also bring in supplies of stationeries to the children.

Amount needed: at least USD1000

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