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Posted by Kenyah Lepo Tau, Sarawak (Borneo) on March 23, 2010 at 9:45 PM
How are you?                           Inu denga?
I'm fine                               Ake tiga
What's your name?                      Ayek ngadan iko?
My name is....                         Ngadan ake.....
Where are you from?                    Chen empi iko?
I'm from...                            Ake chen....
How old are you?                       Kudak umon chok?
I'm .... years old                     Umon chek....
Yes                                    a'ak
No (not)                               Bek
No (Don't)                             Ayen
Thank you                              Tiga tawai / tiga saek
I don't like                           Ake bek kelo
Good / fine                            Tiga
Enter / come in                        Nai kak amin
Outside                                Kak awang

Where is....?                          Kak empe te...?
Which way?                             Tak empe?
Here                                   Kini
There                                  Kina
Over there                             Kak ina
Over here                              Kak ini
Behind (at the back)                   Kak likut
In front of                            Kak tena
Far                                    Chok
Near (not far)                         Bek chok
Turn to left                           Tai kak kabe'ng
Turn to right                          Tai kak ta'u
Stop                                   Ngenak
Opposite                               Selipat

1. Cha
2. Dua
3. Telu
4. Pat 
5. Lema
6. Enem
7. Tujok
8. Aya
9. Pi'en
10. Pulok
11. Pulok Cha
12. Pulok Dua
13. Pulok telu
20. Dua Pulok
100. Cha ATO
101. Cha Ato Cha
102. Cha Ato Dua
358. Telu Ato Lema Pulok Aya
1000. Cha IBU
1,001. Cha Ibu Cha
1,002. Cha Ibu Dua
10,000. Pulok IBU
87,546. Aya Pulok Tujok Ibu Lema Ato Pat Pulok Enem
100,000. Cha Ato Ibu
738,327. Tujok Ato Telu Pulok Aya Telu Ato Dua Pulok Tujok
( I believe the counting doesn't exceed 1 million )

I don't speak Kenyah            Ake bek tisen isiu Kenyah
I don't know                    Ake bek tisen
Do you speak English?           Iko tisen ti isiu English?
Does anyone here speak English? Ayek tisen isiu English kak ini?
What did you said?              Inu ba an cok?
I can speak Knyh a little only  Ake sukat isiu Kenyah kediut tuak
Please write that word down     Sukat cok nyurat na?

Who?                            Ayek
What is it?                     Inu na
When?                           Midan
Where?                          Kak empe
Which?                          Yak emke
Why?                            Ben nu
How?                            Kumpin

What time is it?                Pukon kudak nak kini?
When?                           Midan
What time?                      Pukon kudak?
4 O'clock                       Pukon pat
How many hours?                 Kudak jam?
3 hours                         Telu jam
In the morning                  Mempam
In the afternoon / night        Tak ta'up
Today                           Tau Ini
Tomorrow                        Tau Nempam 
Next Week                       Minggu Bayak ? Yak Kenai O 
Last Week                       Minggu Yak lepa
Day                             Tau
Week                            Minggu
Month                           Bulan
Year                            Uman
Monday                          Tau Cha
Tuesday                         Tau Dua
Wednesday                       Tau Telu
Thursday                        Tau Pat
Friday                          Tau Lema
Saturday                        Tau Enem
Sunday                          Tau Minggu
January                         Bulan Cha
February                        Bulan Dua
March                           Bulan Telu 
Next Month                      Bulan Bayak/Bulan Yak Kenai O 
Last Month                      Bulan Yak Lepa 
Next Year                       Uman Bayak/Uman Yak Kenai O
Last Year                       Uman Yak Lepa

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Reply Cialis pills
5:58 PM on March 24, 2018 
Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I believe that you can do with some percent to power the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.
Reply Ludwig
9:53 PM on March 19, 2016 
Hei, do you know any book that I can refer to study Kenyah language?

Reply Kenyah Lepo Tau, Sarawak (Borneo)
1:30 AM on September 18, 2015 
vhieyna says...
tiga pe ena

Tiga tawi Tuyang Vhieyna. Kumpin jawab ini?
What are the names of kenyah choppers/swords/knives in the archaic language?
Reply vhieyna
8:27 PM on September 17, 2015 
tiga pe ena
Reply raden
5:19 PM on January 24, 2014 
What are the names of kenyah choppers/swords/knives in the archaic language?
Reply Sylvia
6:18 PM on November 10, 2013 
Hi Amelia92,
I think some of the sentences are in short form which I am not quite able to translate.

1. hahaha...ita (name, i think) bali (ghost) ka (at) abit (neck, i think) ne (already- for questioning.
2. Lyn ngok (i don't know this) inu (what) na (that) ungap (nice)... tai (go) kuman (eat) mee (noodle).
3. hahaha.. bali (ghost) abek (arrived) lpa/lepa (already)...hahaha..
4. Uman (eat) kulo (lahhh..)...hahaha... kok (you) kembi (where).
5. Telang Usan hotel (Telang Usan hotel).. kuman (eat) mee (noodle).
6. Aek(who) ngan (with) kok (you).
7. Tengen (alone)...lepa (already) ulek (go back home) na (already). Tai (go) kamin(room) amai (father) Luri(name: nuat (quickly/for a short while)....

I hope this will help you Amelia!
Reply Amelia92
9:28 AM on November 10, 2013 
1.Hahaha ita bali ka abit ne.
2.Lyn ngok inu na ungap..tai kuman mee
3.Haha..bali abek lpa....haha
4. Uman kulo...haha..kok kmbi
5. Telang usan hotel..kuman mee
6. Aek ngan kok
7. Tengen..lepa ulek na..tai kamin amai luri nuat then go back bntlu la

can someone help me translate this..
i so lost already.
Reply Sylvia
4:28 AM on October 19, 2012 
Dear Bience,

Tiga tawai (thank you).

I tried to look for that dictionary a few times, when I was in Sarawak. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it at any book store in Miri. I would love to have this kenyah dictionary (Sarawak version).

Anyway, have a good day and hope that my translation is acceptable. This is my personal website and sometimes I can be late in replying messages due to my work.

Have a nice day.
Reply bience
4:02 AM on October 19, 2012 
bless you Sylvia, this is the only spot in the world for any help.

if this helps in anyway there is the 1964 book kenyah dictionary A. D. Galvin which maybe one can acquire.
Reply Sylvia
11:07 PM on October 18, 2012 
Hi Bience,

I will try to translate it for you. Direct translation.

Majan (long-time) nta (not) sereta (story telling) omak (house) dadok (long) ngan (with) iko (you).
Nta (no) ek (I) lontok (sleep) lao (early) alem (night) ji (this) tp (but) ngerungun (sleepy) ne' (me) enau (now).
Baan (because) o (you) beng (usually) lontok (sleep) lao (early) lok te (of course). Kumpin (how) kelok (want) sereta (story telling) ngan (with) o (you).

Kawan (friend/s) ek (mine) kadok (a lot/many) alok (malay) tuak (only). Obab (reason) u (why) tai (go) dalau (among) alo (malay) mu (question). Kawan punya kawan (this part is malay language). Un (have) gaban (picture) amek (us). mcm(as if) sesat (lost) ake (me) ka (question).

There you go. Hope you can figure out the real meaning.

Reply bience
7:13 AM on October 14, 2012 
would you be so kind to translator these..iam so lost

Majan nta sereta omak dadok ngan iko
nta ek lontok lao alem ji tp ngerungun ne' ne enau.
Baan o beng lontok lao lok te .. kumpin kelok sereta ngn o ..

kawan ek kadok alok tuak ..
Obab u , tai dalau alo mu ..
kawan punya kawan ... un gaban amek . hohoik ... mcm sesat ake ka..
Reply Sylvia
11:27 PM on August 28, 2012 
In kenyah lepo tau, 'what is your problem' is 'inu penusah eko nih'.
Reply Sylvia
11:23 PM on August 28, 2012 
In kenyah lepo tau, "you are beautiful" is " iko gap/selawan".
Reply lsia
10:32 AM on August 28, 2012 
how to say ~ what y0u pr0blem
Reply iban
5:26 AM on July 11, 2012 
how to say you're beautiful? thank you
Reply Sylvia
4:38 AM on June 6, 2012 
You are most welcome, Cley!
Reply ciey
8:33 PM on June 5, 2012 
Sylvia says...
Kenyah Lepo Tau: Leto (perempuan), garp (beautiful).

thanks sylvia :)
Reply Sylvia
9:04 AM on June 5, 2012 
Kenyah Lepo Tau: Leto (perempuan), garp (beautiful).
Reply ciey
4:21 AM on June 5, 2012 
Kenyah Lepo Tau, Sarawak (Borneo) says...
Kuak kuak ne ilu mong pekalai isiu kenyah ni.

Kenyah Lepo Tau .. can i know how to say perempuan cantik in kenyah?
Reply nancy spancer
11:12 PM on June 4, 2012 
hai! how to say Perempuan Cantik in kenyah? :)