Lepo' Tau Dayak
Sarawak (Borneo)

About me

 I am positive that I am not the only person who is concern about this particular subject:-Kenyah language. Born as a Kenyah Lepo Tau, from Long Moh Baram, Sarawak. I grew up in a mix community (iban, malay, chinese, Indian, bidayuh, kelabit and kayan). Due to this I have to admit, I was not able to speak my own mother tongue. It has become very limited and basic.

 I am sure that there are a lot more especially the younger generation of the Kenyah tribe know exactly what i went and still am going through. I hope we can learn and know more about this unique tribe and more important the language.

 Please accept my apology for mixing English and Kenyah.  The idea (creating this web) arise, when i found out that learning about this language merely by reading books, webs or blogs alone with no Kenyah dictionary at hand or anywhere else was not an easy task. Believe me!

Surprisingly, Kenyah Dictionary still (to this date) doesn't exist. Rumors say it, that the first Kenyah Dictionary will be out in 2011! Good news?? Humor me....
Therefore, i decided to find some other ways to study about language. Creating a Kenyah Group through facebook was a great idea. It's fun, informative and it managed to gather  a small number the younger generation of the Kenyah tribe who are now living all over the globe.This web is mostly about a collective information I'd gathered through my facebook group called  Kenyah "Orang Ulu" in Sarawak, Malaysia (Borneo).

Also, I found out through this group, communication among the modern Kenyah is a blend of few languages and dialects. Mainly, Malay, English, Chinese and a few local dialects (kayan, punan and Iban). I also realized that by mixing the languages, learning the language becomes easier and fun. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those especially to my brother Augustine and my cousin Charles, who help me a lot with their fresh ideas, interesting photos and videos, comments, jokes and information.